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I have no words really at how amazing it was to go to Montana to shoot Kylie and Dave’s wedding. This is just a snapshot of the day. I couldn’t get my head around how to share the day! I have missed so many images to share!!!  It was so perfect and amazing. I need to do another post just on the portraits of Kylie and Dave. I would love to shoot more weddings in the US if they are little like this.

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day and every mother and father imagine it too. Jean and David put their heart and soul into giving Kylie her dream. Jean did all of the decorating for the wedding and organised all of the travel plans for us all. David cooked us a feast that was so delicious!!!!

I really can’t articulate the day and give it justice. It was a feeling more than words. Perfection, beautiful, amazing, real, intimate comes to mind but putting it together seems impossible.

Thank you for wanting me to shoot the wedding for you Kylie and Dave. I love you both.

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Friday was Brennan’s 17th birthday.  We decided to do something special that not only he would love to do but Pete and I too. We had a great day watching the surfing.  I have to admit…I had never heard of Courtney Conlogue before.  I did notice that I took a lot of photos of her.  Enough to show the world my take on her being a bell ringing virgin to earning the right to ring the bell. That is one of the big events that all surfers want to win.  That much I do know.  Bells Beach is the mecca of Australian surfing and I would have loved to have seen Pete and Brennan give Winkipop a go.

I was able to document Courtney hugging the people closest to her.  Unfortunately 5 ft tall is not good in a crowd (that is why I am never in a crowd). I was lucky enough to meet her manager and exchange numbers so he can see what I took.  Thank you Mike for being so lovely.  In all sports, parents play a huge part and I was also able to give Courtney’s mum a hug.  They have made the trip 6 times and it is 6th time lucky.  Well done Courtney. Loved seeing your beaming face. I wish I was a better story teller and say how I was feeling… but actually when I am shooting, I am not thinking, I am doing.  See you next year Bells!!!