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When you get married, that is usually one of the last times you hire a photographer for a very long time. Why? Because it scary to be in front of the camera? I get it. I don’t like it. It is scary. I bet when Jodi and Jason get their images they will be glad they were open to showing the world how much they are in love seven years after getting married. Thank you so much for having me down to shoot you both.
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We get married, have wedding photos and then we forget to document our relationship. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting this beautiful couple at a wedding. I left that wedding with 2 more people that I call friends. As I was taking photos I was asking Mr to tell Mrs how much he loved her. He said “Oh, I tell her every day”. It was a very easy session. They are so in love. They are best friends and partners in life. Please get in photos and enjoy your time doing it. They are so precious to not only you but for the people that want to see up to date images of you. ROBYNREGANPHOTOGRAPHYView full post »

  • James Nunn - Love these latest pictures. Talented friend!
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  • - Thanks James and Kelly. They are very special images for a special couple. xxReplyCancel

These ladies stepped in front of the camera earlier in the year. I have been sidetracked by life to blog what I have been shooting lately. Our bodies take so much abuse from ourselves. We make derogatory comments to it all of the time. I would love the magic words to stop doing this to ourselves.  I hope by taking these photos I have made each lady feel that she is in fact sexy.2016-10-09_0062


I had the honour of shooting Neil and Margie’s wedding in May. They are the most lucky couple I know to have each other. Just looking at the images you can see that their relationship is based on a laughter and love. Some days you wish you could have a do over….this is one of those days. We can not do that so we look back on the images. Much love to you both and thank you for choosing me as your photographer. 2016-10-09_0001View full post »


ROBYN REGAN PHOTOGRAPHYRobyn Regan is far beyond a photographer, she is a true artist, a master of her craft. She gave whimsy, elegance and joy beyond measure to my wedding day and gave me confidence and made me feel sexy (a rare thing!) while snapping my boudoir shots. She was such a calm, warm presence on the big day,  that I would hire her again just to be my emotional support, but then there were the photos…oh my the photos! If you want the boring, staged, stock wedding photos look elsewhere because Robyn has a very unique, very special talent for capturing emotions and feelings of the day, and lets face it, that’s what we are really trying to hold on to and remember. I have cried every single time I’ve gone back to look at my photos because it takes me right back to the moment, the feelings I had as I greeted guests, danced the night away, and looked lovingly into my lovers eyes, I’m NOT looking back remembering how the photographer told me to pose this way or that. Robyn not only takes breathtaking photos, but does so by bringing out the best in you by reminding you to take it easy, relax and have fun with every precious moment. And if you’re smart enough to book her for boudoir shoots, expect plenty of giggles and good times throughout, I promise you will NOT feel embarrassed or nervous with her behind the camera! And don’t let her stature fool you, this woman can keep up with the best of em and last from getting ready in the early hours to the blister footed dancing at the end of the night and she’ll still have a smile on her face and a warm hug waiting for you after the last pic is snapped. Once it’s all over, you’re left with a stunning collection of memories, which is why I highly recommend ordering prints from her as well! Ours came out gorgeous on white matts with amazingly high quality photos!! There is nothing like physically holding it, touching it, seeing it everyday before your eyes to truly encompass and appreciate everything the photo holds. The prints also come in a sturdy black box with Robyn’s signature embossed across the bottom to keep them pristine which was a very nice touch. I’m so impressed with the prints that I plan to order more as soon as I get the others hung up! Everyone in attendance was blown away by the artistry of the pictures of the wedding, and my husband was beyond thrilled and pleased with the boudoir shots he received as a gift after the wedding. I am so so glad I had the opportunity to hire Robyn Regan for my wedding and boudoir shots. Book her now or regret it forever. – Mrs Kylie Liddick, Gig Harbour, WA, USA.

  • Jean Abrams - I’m not nearly as eloquent a writer as my daughter, but I a wanted to add that I completely agree with her! I couldn’t be happier with the photos and Robyn’s presence at the wedding and before was so welcomed. I’m ecstatic that my daughter is so pleased!ReplyCancel